Fancyland - Xanadu Makadi Bay Hurghada

The Fancyland Kids Club offers a range of activities and fun for kids and teens aged 0-16 during their holiday, ensuring an exceptional experience for the whole family. The club is divided into three areas catering to different age groups and interests, making sure every child has a memorable, age-appropriate vacation.

Fancyland is open from 9 am to 11 pm, and the nearby aqua park boasts several waterslides for children over 4 years old. The water slides are available from 10-12 am and 2-4 pm, depending on the season and weather, and are located outside the hotel within the aqua park.

Guest Relations is also available to provide a Baby Package for parents with children aged 0-4, which includes essential items such as rash cream, powder, diapers, cotton, bottles, pacifiers, a fever thermometer, and a bottle warmer. Additional items are available upon request.


  • Darts
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids Restaurant
  • Climbing Wall
  • Snack Area and Kitchen (90 m2)
  • Water Fun Park
  • Fancy Pool
  • Children's Activities
  • Birthday Party and Celebrations
  • Tennis Lessons For Kids
  • Swimming Lessons For Kids

Facilities For Children Aged 0-3

  • Cushioned Play Room
  • Baby Food Kitchen
  • Sleeping Room
  • Pedagogue - with Parents
  • Feeding- diaper changing room
  • Baby Pool
  • Play Ground
  • Baby Food Preparing Equipments
  • Bottle Warmer - Sterilizer - Blender
  • Baby Chair
  • Baby Stroller (limited)
  • Baby Tub
  • Changing Cushions
  • Potty
  • 0-2 Age Baby Package (limited)
  • Baby Sitter
  • Kids WC
  • Baby Changing Units

Facilities For Children Aged 4-7

  • Cinema and TV
  • Pedagogue
  • Games
  • Handcrafts Section
  • Ateliers
  • Water Fresh Park
  • Kids Special Shows
  • Kids Caffee
  • Game Groups

Facilities For Children Aged 8-16

  • Karaoke
  • Board Games
  • Playstation
  • Darts
  • Special Shows
  • Basketball and football field
  • Teenager Hangout Area
  • Teens Club 13-16 age
  • Nintento
  • X-Box