The Xanadu High Class Club was founded to award guest loyalty to Xanadu brand in a membership program as per realized overnight stays. 

Members benefit from a variety of advantages starting with their already second stay at a Xanadu Hotel. Every guest who has visited a Xanadu Hotel more than once can become a member of the Xanadu High Class Club and benefit from numerous membership benefits depending on the membership level. 

The High Class Club consists of five membership levels, whereas the membership level is determined by achieved points from each visit to a Xanadu Hotel or by recommending Xanadu Hotels. Conditions are listed below under the heading "How can I collect Xanadu bonus points?" Each new member receives a membership card in his/her name, on which the points are collected. 

How can I collect Xanadu bonus points? 

Recommend us 

At Xanadu hotels, our main goal is to provide exceptional service and an unforgettable vacation experience to all guests. If you would like your friends and relatives to experience a similar holiday experience, please feel free to recommend us and let us know about your recommendation. 

Each membership gives a number of privileges. If you want to upgrade your level we have a BONUS program. To get more points you just need to recommend our Hotel your friends and family. The overnights of his or her first stay ( per room) will be added to your account to become quickly a High Class Club Member or upgrade your level.

Bonus Program conditions are as follows:

1- The recommended guest who will be staying in one of the Xanadu Hotels must be completely new guest to the Xanadu Group.

2- Reservations from previous years or information after arrival in a Xanadu Hotel cannot be accepted.

3 - The recommendation must be reported to us before the start of the stay.

4- After the recommendation the overnight points of his or her first stay (per room) will only be added to your High Class Club account.

5- The recommended guest must have own room, must not stay with return guest or card members.


Update your profile.

We wish to keep you informed about news at the High Class Club and at Xanadu Hotels and therefore kindly ask you to fill in the below membership form to keep us up to date. 1.000 bonus points to show our gratitude will be awarded directly to your account.

Please click here to learn more or contact us:

High Class Club 

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+90 (0)242 323 06 76


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