Inspired by the famous city Shang-Du in 13th century China, during the reign of Kubla Khan and its mystical architecture, Xanadu Hotels offer a High Class All Inclusive concept on an international level. Many famous Silk Road travellers, Marco Polo among them, described Xanadu or Shang-Du as it is also called, as a place with gardens of incredible beauty, with houses decorated with golden bird motifs, with exotic animals and beautiful flowers - An impressive and enchanting place, that is also frequently referred to in cult films, cartoons and poems.

Xanadu Island is situated on a private peninsula, amidst beautiful gardens and flowered courtyards and surrounded by the deep blue water of the Aegean Sea, located nearby the small idyllic village of Akyarlar that still preserves its traditional charm and close to the city of Bodrum; while the Xanadu Resort Hotel, with its mystical architecture, columned walkways and its ancient-style pools will carry you back to the times of the ancient Romans.