As part of the “Safe Tourism” certification program and the associated evaluation criteria for COVID-19 and hygiene practices to be applied in food and beverage units in accommodations and facilities during the pandemic, Xanadu Hotels received the “Safe Tourism” certificate for their services. 



Are there free masks and gloves in the hotel? 

All our guests can get free masks or gloves at the Reception whenever they wish. 

Is your hotel operating at full capacity? 

In order to follow the rule of the social distance in all hotel's areas, our facility does not operate at full capacity. 

Do all hotel employees have sufficient knowledge about Covid-19? 

All of our employees have received training on COVID-19 and health and safety rules. 

Who can I contact if I don't feel well? 

In case of any discomfort during your stay, it will be sufficient to inform the staff of our Guest Relations or Reception. Our team members will provide all assistance in obtaining health support and, if necessary, will support you in your referral to the nearest medical institution. 

Do you still offer a washing / ironing service? 

We continue to offer washing and ironing service in accordance with all hygiene regulations. 

Can I leave the hotel during my stay? 

You can leave the hotel during your stay. When you return to the hotel, your body temperature will be checked with a non-contact clinical thermometer. If there are signs of illness, guests are asked to go to a nearby medical institution. 

Do I have to wear a mask outside of the hotel? 

As part of the precautionary measures of the Turkish Ministry of Health, a mask is required outside the hotel. 

Where can I get a mask from if I need it? 

Guests can get free masks at the Reception. If you need a mask outside of the hotel, you can purchase one at a nearby pharmacy.



Do I need to make a reservation for the main restaurant? 

We offer A la carte concept service in all restaurants including our main restaurant. You do not need to make a reservation for the main restaurant. 

Do I need to make a reservation for a la carte restaurants? 

Reservation is still required for our A la carte restaurants. You can reserve a table in one of our A la carte restaurants by phone or via WhatsApp Concierge (available for Xanadu Island). 

Are all the bars open? 

All bars are open to the guests. 

Do I have to follow the social distance rule in restaurants and bars? 

Within the precautions in the COVID-19 pandemic, our hotel does not serve at its full capacity. As part of the measures, tables and chairs in all our restaurants and bars have been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule. 

Can I sit in the restaurants with my family members? 

The social distancing rule does not apply to family members. It is possible to sit in the restaurants with your family members. 

How are disinfection processes carried out in the restaurants and bars? 

All tables, chairs and other equipment are being disinfected reguarly.

Is food and beverage service available 24/7? 

Food and beverage service is available 24/7 in both of our hotels. 

Is there a reduction in food and beverage choice? 

We do not have any reduction in offering food and beverage.  

Is the Kids Buffet still available for service? 

Food and drink requests from our youngest guests are served at the tables by our waiters. 

Pool, beach and pier

Is it neccessary to make a reservation for the use of pools, beaches and sun terraces? 

In all of our swimming and sunbathing areas, our sun loungers have been rearranged according to the social distance rule. No reservation is required in these areas. 

Is the use of towels monitored by the staff? 

The use of towels is monitored by the staff in the proper areas.

Do I have to wear a mask when sunbathing? 

It is not necessary to wear a mask in the hotel. 

Where can I get beach towels? 

You can get beach towels in the most hygienical way from our towel station (Xanadu Resort Hotel) or they will be prepared in your room according to the number of the guests (Xanadu Island).




What is the process of disinfecting the rooms? 

After the entire room has been cleaned and disinfected, frequently used items (telephone, television, remote control, etc.) are specially disinfected. Catalogs, magazines or print materials that meet our normal standards and materials that could be hygiene weak points due to contact have been removed from the rooms. When a guest checks out of a room, the room is completely disinfected with ULV devices and only after that a new guest can check in. Shampoos, soaps and similar amenities that are offered to our guests in the rooms are offered in single-use packages. The cleaning of our rooms and general areas is checked by international independent organizations. 

I don't want the staff to enter my room. What should I do? 

For the comfort of our guests, we clean the rooms daily, complete missing toiletries such as shampoo etc. and fill your minibar. If you do not want one or both of these services, it is sufficient to inform our Guest Relatons team  of your request. The products you need can be hung on your door in a hygiene bag upon request. 



Kids Club 

Is the Kids club open? 

The safety and happiness of our little guests is always a priority for us. Our kids club is open in accordance with all hygiene and health regulations. Our younger guests are accepted into the Kids club upon prior reservation. 

Can I get a stroller from the Kids club? 

For the comfort of our younger guests, you can still get strollers from our kids club. These are disinfected in accordance with all hygiene regulations. 


Do animation activities go on?

Animation activities, including bowling and water sports, will continue in accordance with all precautions. Reservation for some animation activities can be required in regards with the type of activity and the capacity of the place. 

Is there live music? 

Paying attention to all precautions, live music performances will continue to take place on our stage. 

Shang-Du SPA

Is the Shang-Du Spa open? 

Our Shang-Du Spa is open. Our guests are admitted to our spa center upon prior reservation. 

Is a reservation required for massages and treatments? 

A reservation is required for massages and other spa treatments. 

Are the sauna, steam bath and hammam open? 

Our sauna, steam bath and hammam areas are open to individuals or families upon prior reservation. The usage time is limited to 15 minutes. All of our areas are disinfected after each use.

Fitness center 

Is the fitness center open? 

Yes, our fitness center is open and can be used by our guests. 

Does the social distance rule apply in the fitness center? 

The social distance rule applies in all areas of our facility, including the fitness center. The equipment in the fitness center has been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule. 

Is a reservation required to use the fitness center? 

The use of our fitness center, which has been reorganized in accordance with the social distance rule, requires reservation. 

How is hygiene provided in the fitness center? 

In our fitness center, all equipment is disinfected after every use. The area itself is disinfected at regular intervals with the help of ULV devices.